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Mengxia‘s Melody

As my life time favorite, Erhu was my toy for the childhood. Whenever my father put it on the table, I would kick it or hide it but the next day, as I got up, I would always have an intact Erhu on my bedside. During my naughty days, I, like many other kids who were studying music instruments, was lazy sometimes…

1 lesson per week, 12 lessons for one phase. Individual Lessons/Group Lessons/Erhu Ensemble Lesson

Specialized Course, from Grade 1 to 10, student’s passing rate above 99%. Recording Pedagogy. Regular concerts for stage experience. Online applicants can receive a free trial course of 20-30 minutes for the first time.

About Pan Li

Pan Li started her Erhu education at the age of 4 years and half. In September,1999,subject to a special approval from the Ministry of Culture,she went on to realize her artistic dreams at Shanghai Conservatory of Music(SCM) with the exemption from academic tests.More luckily,she was able to study under the prestigious Erhu artist and educator Prof. Wang Yong De. She was invited as a featured artist for various music events ever since,such as “Shanghai Spring International Music Festival” and “Fortune Global 500 Series Concerts”. From 2001 to 2002,Pan Li was also the awardee of the prestigious Long Yin scholarship for Music from Hong Kong government.

Since graduation from SCM,Pan Li has been teaching and the officer-in-charge for the Erhu club in Shanghai Japanese School . From 2004,she has been the lead Erhu artist and vice-president for “Tou Ming Si Kao New Traditional Music Orchestra”.Currently,she is the CEO of Shanghai Liu Li Cultural Development Co. Ltd., and the endorser for the first ERHU made of coloured glaze.Pan Li owns a private Erhu workshop and teaches students from all corners of the world. Since 2007,she has been invited to give recitals and attend various events in Tai Wan and Japan.Moreover,enjoying critical acclaim,she has been a spearhead in music representation in Europe and Americas,including World Music Festival and Degelippie Concert de Europe,along numerous recitals in Shanghai Jazz Festival,International Festivals,etc. In 2016,She was invited by CCTV to record Feng Hua Guo Yue,which was broadcast in four batches.In April 2017,Shanghai ICS Channel gave her a special interview. Besides, she is also the Tourism Ambassador and Cultural Ambassador for scores of Japanese municipal governments.

Pan Li is a master of various genres,such as pop,traditional,jazz,latin,tango and theatrical styles.She has been active in cross-over initiatives, performing with a variety of artists in different music scenarios. For example, in 2015,She,together with such celebrities as Pt Sarathi Chatterjee,Pt Rupak Kulkarni,Sh Purbayan Chatterjee,Alec Haavik and Lee Dai Guo,performed a concert in Central Theater de Shanghai invited by Indian government;she joined Soundscape,performing with European artists like Amazigh Kateb,Karim Ziad and German Diaz at “On Stage”.2016 seemed to be a more fruitful year for her,when she performed with Du Cong,Funky Mojie,Lee Xiao Cuan,Gast Waltzing ,Anda group and Gong Ling Na on a more international scale.

Experimentalism has also been one of her artistic pursuits.Pan Li worked with artists from various cultural backgrounds at several workshops and experimental performances, one of which was the Friction Pony concerts, combining modern jazz with electronic and avant-garde musics. Another important endeavor was the ‘Summer Concert” as part of the Sino-France joint project organized by French government.

Pan Li has been a popular figure among media.Since 2013,her concerts in Japan and Taiwan have been reported to establish her as the representative voice for a new generation of Chinese artists. Other concerts include Sakura recitals and Sino-Japan Friendship Concerts,to name a few. Such important media as Whenever magazine, ICS,NHK,CCTV,Sino-Japan News,and various local agents have been continuously following every step she makes.

As a prolific composer herself,Pan Li published two albums:Encounter and Story of the Seasons,two fine selections of her hundreds of beautiful music that depict a world from her unique viewpoint and artistic ideology. Of course,her recitals at Qian Shui Wan Center and Mercedas-benz Arena were definitely among the further testimonies to her untiring spirit for artistic perfection.

Awards and Honors

1992,1st Prize , 1st An Hui Erhu Competition for Teenagers
1995,Bronze Medal,Tian Hua Cup Erhu Competition
1996,1st Prize,An Hui Music Instrumental Instrument Competition
1996-1999,1st class Scholarship and being on the Dean’s list,An Hui Academy of Arts(exemption from academic requirements to study at Shanghai Conservatory of Music)
2000,People’s Scholarship, Shanghai Conservatory of Music
2001-2002,Long Yin Scholarship for Music,Hong Kong