Music Writer

Music Writer

As my life time favorite, Erhu was my toy for the childhood. Whenever my father put it on the table, I would kick it or hide it but the next day, as I got up, I would always have an intact Erhu on my bedside. During my naughty days, I, like many other kids who were studying music instruments, was lazy sometimes…

1 lesson per week, 12 lessons for one phase. Individual Lessons/Group Lessons/Erhu Ensemble Lesson

Specialized Course, from Grade 1 to 10, student’s passing rate above 99%. Recording Pedagogy. Regular concerts for stage experience. Online applicants can receive a free trial course of 20-30 minutes for the first time.

Performance Info

  • 日期:2015.06.28  时间: 18:30(入场) 19:00(开演)


    地点: 上海浅水湾文化艺术中心2F 小剧场

    地址: 上海市普陀区宜昌路179(近江宁路桥)


    乐队:陈慈罕/键盘 森丘裕希/钢琴 杨含奇/吉他 张绍宇/贝斯 董子元/鼓

    吴坚/笛子 章益/琵琶

    嘉宾:巫谢慧/二胡 Ana Sevilla/西班牙舞 若菜+One/街舞

    葛香汝/京剧 陆昕一/水晶球

  • Thursdays/Saturdays 20:30-21:45 Xiantiandi TMSK Restaurant
    Fridays 20:45 –22:45 Hongqiao Road 1440, Building 1 Wei Gu Zhi Xin Restaurant 

  • Founded in 2013 at the Hong Kong, International Wife Charity, hopes to reach out to the community through an international platform. This year's contest with "International Wife .AMANI NAKUPENDA (Love and Peace)" as the theme, in cooperation with the children benefiting agency Watoto and for Africa's most vulnerable women and children, contributed loving services and charitable donations. 

  • Guitarist Liron Man is a world-renowned musician of handpan, joining Chinese Erhu player Pan Li and Shanghai-based prominent Cajon player Yuan Zhaozhen.

  • 2014.11.22 SoundScape